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QOTW: Activity! Dream cast your current read.

My current read is The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I’m usually more of a YA reader, but this Adult book sounded very interesting. Anyway, I started it last night and it’s very good so far. It’s about a couple, Mabel and Jack, who in 1920 move to Alaska to build a homestead. They were unable to have children, and are now too old to try again. During the first snow of the season, they build a snow girl. The next morning when they wake up, their creation is gone, but they catch glimpses of a child in the forest. Could their snow child have come to life?

I have had trouble picturing the characters, though, because I’ve never been great with casting older characters in my mind. I’ve kind of got a bit of an idea, though.


I’m only going to cast the female characters because while I kind of have pictures for the men, no actor that I can think of would fit how I picture them. For Mabel, I can’t help but picture Sissy Spacek. There’s never really a given description of what she looks like, and Sissy Spacek is just who I first thought of, even though she may be a little old for the role. For Esther, one of the few other women in the Alaskan wilderness, and Mabel’s only friend besides her husband, I picked Meryl Streep. She’s just the right amount of crazy to play this part. And for Faina, the snow child, I picture a very young Elle Fanning. She’d definitely be too old to play Faina now, but when she was younger she would’ve been perfect!

What are you currently reading? 

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  1. I love Elle Fanning. I think she’s adorable even as she grows up.

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  2. Awesome cast! New follower. My Follow

  3. Hi! New Linky follower hopping on through.

    I’ve never heard of The Snow Child but you picked out three fabulous female actresses.

    Here’s my FF :)

  4. Thanks you guys for checking my blog out! Following everyone who commented on Linky now :)


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