Review: Possession by Elana Johnson

Title: Possession
Series: Possession, Book #1
Author: Elana Johnson
Originally published by Simon Pulse, June 7, 2011, Paperback May 8, 2012
Paperback, 432 pages

For the first 100-or-so pages of Possession, I didn’t think I was going to like it. I couldn’t get into the writing style that Johnson used at all. The story was just kind of blah. I kept getting confused with their tech-talk. But then about halfway through I started really getting into it and I read the second half in one sitting.

Possession is set in the future where there are “Goodies” who are basically mind-controlled by the Thinkers and “Baddies” who are criminals (except not really, they just don’t follow the ridiculous rules set by the Thinkers, and therefore get banished). The main character, Vi, is in love/matched with Zenn. She get’s caught walking with him one night in the park, and is sent to prison. There, she meets Jag, a Baddie. And she falls in love with him. YAY LOVE TRIANGLES. Vi finds out from Jag that she may be more special than she ever could’ve guessed. I won’t say anything else about the story, because I’m afraid I’d spoil it!

If you’re not a love triangle fan, this definitely is NOT the book for you. That’s one of the major parts of the story, and where most of Vi’s conflicting emotions come from. The other main conflict of the book is with Thane Meyers, who wants Vi to come work with him as a Thinker. I really felt like he could’ve been a much stronger villain than he was. He was almost there, but I felt like he needed a little something more to push him over the edge and make him even more ominous. He could’ve been just as evil as President Snow in The Hunger Games, but Johnson didn’t take him that far, and a part of me really wishes she would’ve.

I had problems throughout with liking the characters. Vi was okay when she wasn’t trying to be snarky. I never really cared for either of her love interests, though, which was disappointing because I WANTED to like Jag, but it just didn’t happen. I also think at the beginning of the book, the reader shouldn’t have been just automatically thrown into the action. There should’ve been a bit of relationship establishment between Vi and Zenn, and even Vi and her mom. I just felt like I never really got to know Zenn and so I never thought they’d end up together. It also would’ve been nice to have a little bit of background on the technology and how it works. I never fully understood that. Just one or two chapters at the beginning could’ve easily solved both of those problems, but it didn’t happen.

Overall, I liked this book. I didn’t LOVE it as much as I wanted to, but it was still a nice read. The sequel, Surrender, is released on Tuesday! I went to Barnes & Noble today and they had it out already, so I’m going to start it later tonight! Hopefully it’ll be at least as good, if not better, as Possession!

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